Minor in Creative Writing


Michael Wright
Applied Associate Professor of Creative Writing and Theatre/Film Studies

Participating Faculty 

Grant Matthew Jenkins, English
Claudia Nogueira, English

The Creative Writing Minor provides an intensive, challenging focus on self-expression. Students write in poetry, prose, and performance forms, working with faculty who are professionally recognized and active in their fields. Intertwined with the Communication, English, Film Studies, and Theatre programs, the Creative Writing Minor’s offerings are enhanced by internships at Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry; publication and/or editorial positions with Stylus, the annual journal of student writing and art; and numerous opportunities for public exposure of work through readings, workshops, and fully staged/filmed presentations.

Minor Requirements (12 hours)

The minor consists of twelve hours of study. A minimum of four courses must be selected from a range of available classes in Communication, English, Film Studies, and Theatre.

Specific courses will vary from year to year. Prospective students must consult with the Director of the Creative Writing Minor to develop a course sequence that will work best with their major and other requirements.

The following courses are offered: