Faculty Elena Doshlygina and Olga Randolph Publish Textbook

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bilingual Cultural Textbook




November,2011 respected publisher of educational materials Kendall Hunt has released Russia and America in Dialogues, written by the Department of Languages faculty Elena Doshlygina, Olga Randolph, and a third contributor (Anatoli Berditchevski).

Russia and America in Dialogues examines the cross-cultural differences in mentalities and lifestyles between Russians and Americans. Based on real-life scenarios experienced by the authors, Russia and America in Dialogues comprises all-original content.

The book is structured as an informal dialog between two friends expressing their opinions on different aspects of day-today life in Russia and U.S. Discussed topics include systems of education, common conversation issues and way to discuss them, body language, customs and traditions, and family and friend relationships.

The textbook targets the students' need for a high level of cross-cultural competence in the modern world, while simultaneously improving their Russian language skills. Each chapter and each section ends with comprehension, discussion and research assignments that every instructor can adapt to individual or group needs.

Because the book is bilingual, it is a material-rich and easy-to-follow guide for anyone preparing to be in touch with Russians on business or leisure – from school and university students on study abroad trips to employees of multinational corporations – whether or not they know Russian.

View more information at Kendall Hunt Publishing.

Debra Swafford