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Although Dr. Anderson is interested in all topics involving the Spanish novel from the Siglo de Oro and the Quijote to the present, he has recently concentrated on the works of Vicente Blasco Ibáñez’s (1867-1928).

Accompanying Documents for Vicente Blasco Ibáñez’s Los argonautas: Firsts and Connections.

In Los argonautas (1914), Vicente Blasco Ibáñez returns to the worlds of the educated, the cultured elite, and the financially comfortable main characters he had accessed to good effect in Arroz y tartana (1894), Entre Naranjos (1900), and La voluntad de vivir (1907). In addition to its exceptional length, Los argonautas is singular among Blasco’s works in ways that indicate he was advancing toward a new concept of the novel, a direction to which he returned in the 1920’s and which culminated in El Papa del mar (1925) and A los pies de Venus (1926). Thus, although Los argonautas is not a work that scholars have studies with regularity of (in general) have lavishly praised, it is an important text in the trajectory of Blasco’s prose fiction, one which offers scholars and other readers significant cause for study and reflection.

This study has several goals. The first is to demonstrate how Los argonautas evinces Blasco’s evolution as a writer and thinker. The second is to place Los argonautas within the overall trajectory of Blasco’s career, to highlight it as a pivotal work which connects his pre-Argentina novels with the later ones. The third is to demonstrate why the work merits being considered Blasco’s first Impressionist novel. The fourth is to display the text’s virtues.

Education and Degrees Earned

  • Indiana University; Bloomington, Indiana
    • Ph.D. in Hispanic Literature 1982
    • M.A. in Hispanic Literature 1975
  • Valparaiso University; Valparaiso, Indiana
    • B.A. in Spanish 1973

Courses Taught at TU

  • Modern Spanish Narrative (SPAN 4103)
  • Seminar in Spanish Literature (SPAN 4973)
  • Spanish Film (SPAN 3333)

Awards & Recognition

  • 2001 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Faculty Member of the Year.
  • 2002 Mortar Board, College Faculty Honoree, The University of Tulsa.
  • April 2004 Certificate of Excellence As Chair (2001-2004), Department of Languages.


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