Karl Pollin

Karl Pollin

Associate Professor of French and Comparative LiteratureOliphant Hall 169
(918) 631 2153

Areas of interest

- French literature: 19th, 20th and 21st century.
- Experimental novel, avant-gardes (from 19th to 21th century).
- Contemporary theatre and visual culture.
- Literary Theory and contemporary French philosophy (Deleuze, Laruelle, Lyotard, Badiou), philosophy and its relation with literature.

Education and Degrees Earned

  • Ph.D., French Literature, Emory University, 2007
  • Master’s degree, Philosophy, University of Paris X – Nanterre (France), 2004
  • Master’s degree in Comparative Literature, University of Lille III – Charles de Gaulle (France), 1994

Previous Teaching Experience

  • Visiting Professor in French  2006-2007 (Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA)
  • Instructor in French  2002-2006 (Emory University, Atlanta, GA)
  • Certified teacher of French language and literature 1995-2001 (High School of Douai – André Streinger, France)

Professional Affiliations

  • Modern Languages Association (MLA)

Courses Taught at TU

  • Advanced French (FR 3023)
  • Approaches to the Analysis of French Texts (FR 3033)
  • Cinéma et Culture (FR 3693)
  • Genres and Periods (FR 4143)
  • Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies of France (FR 4123)
  • Thinking with Science-Fiction (CPLT 2293)
  • Aesthetics of French Cinema (CPLT 2333)
  • Lyotard's philosophy of Difference (PHIL 4863)

Awards & Recognition

  • Thomas H. Buckley Most Outstanding Teacher Award in the College of Arts and Science, University of Tulsa, 2011.
  • 2006/2007 Anne Amari Perry Merit Scholarship, Emory University.
  • 2006/2007 Mellon Teaching Fellowship.
  • 2008 Faculty Development Summer Fellowship, University of Tulsa.


  • Alfred Jarry : l’expérimentation du singulier
    [ Alfred Jarry: Experimentation of Singularity]. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2013.
  • Le cinéma introspectif de Michael Haneke : un nouveau regard sur le vieux continent
    [Michael Haneke’s introspective Cinema : a critical Look at the old Continent], in Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, 15.3 (2011), 289-296.
  • Le Surmâle de Jarry, ou la marionnette comme expérience de la limite
    [Alfred Jarry’s Supermale or Puppetry as a Path towards Limits], in Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, 14.3 (2010), 305-312.
  • St Maurice of the saber, Gnostic of the postmodern times
    Yale French Studies 116/117 (2009): 153-168.
  • Alfred Jarry, entre épistémologie et science-fiction
    [ Alfred Jarry, between Epistemology and Science-fiction], in L’école des philosophes 10 (December 2008) : 57-70.
  • Alfred Jarry, poète cymbaliste
    Actes du colloque Alfred Jarry et la culture tchèque, forthcoming 2008.
  • L’écriture des choses à l’épreuve du soleil : à propos du Soleil placé en abîme, de Francis Ponge
    in Symposium, forthcoming 2008.
  • Lyotard lecteur de Gertrude Stein : un style pour témoigner du différend
    in Le style des philosophes, Edited by Jacques Poirier and Bruno Curatolo, Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté, 2007, pages 309-317.