Programs of Study

The curriculum of a language major provides a wide range of literary, linguistic, cultural, and professional experiences inside and outside the classroom.  Students who fulfill the requirements for a major in the Department of Languages acquire greater awareness of and appreciation for other cultures, develop proficiency in a target language and a basic understanding of its linguistic structure, and prepare themselves to participate in a global society. Majoring in a language provides students with a strong pre-professional background
for graduate studies in the arts and humanities as well as for careers in business, teaching, and government.

The first and second-year language courses offered by the Department of Languages are designed to help students throughout the university develop intermediate-level proficiency in a second language, as specified in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) guidelines. Students enrolled in these courses likewise gain insights into other cultures.

Placement in Language Courses

Prior to coming to campus to enroll, incoming students with previous classroom or life experience in French, German, or Spanish who intend to continue studying the same language must take its placement exam. This policy also applies to native speakers of a Romance language who intend to take courses either in their native tongue or in another language taught by the Department. The placement examination does not grant academic credit, nor can it be used to test out of the language proficiency requirement.

Study Abroad

As a significant component for the college experience, every language student is encouraged to participate in a study abroad program to acquire cultural literacy and fluency in a foreign language. For more details on TU’s programs abroad, please contact the Center for Global Education (CGE) at: (918) 631-3229.