Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Spanish majors complete 30 hours at the 3000 and 4000 levels, with a minimum of 15 hours at the 4000 level. The 30 hours include Composition in Spanish (Span 3003), Explication of Hispanic Literary Texts (Span 3033), and Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (Span 3123). In addition, majors fulfill a culture requirement by completing The Culture of Spain (Span 3013), Latin American Cultures (Span 3023), or Spanish Film (Span 3333), by completing the equivalent of one of these courses during a study-abroad experience, or by enrolling in an approved “Language Intensive” course offered outside the Department of Languages in which a significant portion of the coursework is completed in Spanish. Although student who choose the “Language Intensive” option fulfill the culture requirement, the course itself does not count toward the major. Spanish Education majors alone take Methods of Teaching Languages (Lang 4003) as part of their major.

Students should consult with their Department Advisor or the College Advising Office for specific course requirements for this program of study.