Matthew Drever

Matthew Drever

Associate Professor of ReligionChapman Hall  206
918 631-2647

Professor Drever works in the areas of systematic and historical theology. He is currently working on two research projects. The first is a manuscript project on the theology of personhood. The second project centers on the theology of prayer.

Education and Degrees Earned

  • Ph.D. Theology, University of Chicago (2008)
  • M.T.S. Theology, Vanderbilt Divinity School (2000)
  • B.A. Philosophy & History, Sonoma State University (1998)

Areas of Academic Specialty

Dr. Drever’s areas of expertise include: systematic theology, history of Christian thought, continental philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, science and religion, theological and philosophical hermeneutics.

Previous Teaching Experience

  • Lecturer in the humanities, University of Chicago (2006)

Professional Affiliations

  • American Academy of Religion;
  • Society of Biblical Literature;
  • North American Patristics Society

Courses Taught at TU

  • Medieval Culture (HON 1013)
  • Jesus (REL 2203)
  • Christian Faith and Thought (REL 2343)
  • Religion and Science (REL 2383)
  • Great Conversation II (PHIL/ REL 2453)
  • God and Human Suffering (REL 2503)
  • Introduction to Early Christian Thought (REL 3363)
  • Protestant Reformation (REL 3383)
  • Seminar; Calvin and his Legacy (Rel 3973)
  • Seminar; Reason, Romance, and the Rise of Modernity (REL 3973)

Awards & Recognition

  • Faculty Internationalization Grant (2013)
  • Faculty Development Summer Fellowship Grant (2010)
  • Faculty Development Summer Fellowship Grant (2009)
  • Fulbright Dissertation Research Grant (2007)
  • Martin Marty Dissertation Grant (2006)
  • DAAD Grant (2004)
  • Karen Dinal Award for Excellence in Teaching (2003)


  • Image, Identity, and the Forming of the Augustinian Soul
    Oxford University Press, 2013.
  • “Redeeming Creation: Creatio ex nihilo and the Imago Dei in Augustine”
    International Journal of Systematic Theology 15:2 (2013) 135-153.
  • “Trinity, Church, and Deification in Augustine”
    Forthcoming in an edited volume through Baker Academic Press.
  • “Entertaining Violence: Augustine on the Cross of Christ and the Commercialization of Suffering”
    Journal of Religion 92:3 (2012) 331-361.
  • “Images of Suffering in Augustine and Luther”
    Dialog: A Journal of Theology 51:1 (Spring 2012) 71-82.
  • “Image, Identity, and Embodiment: Augustine’s Interpretation of the Human Person in Genesis 1-2”
    eds. Nathan MacDonald, Mark W. Elliott, Grant Macaskill, Genesis and Christian Theology (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012) 117-128.
  • “The Self Before God? Rethinking Augustine’s Trinitarian Thought”
    Harvard Theological Review 100:2 (April 2007) 233-42.
  • “Dorner’s Critique of Divine Immutability”
    Process Studies 31:1 (Spring-Summer 2002) 77-92.