Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Philosophy explores the most fundamental questions about human life, including the nature and meaning of the basic elements of human experience and the limits of knowledge. The course of study introduces students to the great thinkers and ideas that have shaped our past and present culture. Students develop a variety of important intellectual skills, including critical thinking and evaluation, the ability to see implications and alternatives, to read and write with insight and persuasive power, and to develop one’s own philosophical position.

To complete a major in philosophy at The University of Tulsa, the student must complete 30 hours of coursework. Two-thirds of these, or 21 hours, are to be taken at the 3000-4000 level. Students are required to take two interdisciplinary courses: 1453, The Great Conversation I:  Ancient and Medieval, and 2453, The Great Conversation II: Modern and Contemporary. Philosophy students must complete a course in logic or reasoning.

Required Courses Credit Hours
Electives*  21 
Total Hours Required for the Major 30 

*Must be taken at the 3000-4000 level.

Current students should consult with a Department Advisor or College Advising Office for specific program requirements.