Jenk Jones Jr.

Jenk Jones Jr. Donates Collection of Papers and Lectures

Jenkin "Jenk" Jones, Jr., editor and publisher of The Tulsa Tribune, donated his collection of papers and lectures he penned on the political history of Oklahoma. The original papers will reside in McFarlin Library on the University of Tulsa campus. The papers cover the political history before statehood up to 1999.

Included are lectures that he has given on Oklahoma politics through the years with titles like “Our Wildest and Wackiest Years” and “Black Hats, White Hats and Shades Between”. What history of the state’s politics would be complete without the recollection of such peccadilloes as the “Supreme Court” and “County Commissioner” scandals?

Dr. Michael Mosher, Professor of Political Science and department chair, said “Jenk is not only a distinguished journalist and a dedicated chronicler of events, but he flat out knows more about Oklahoma politics than anyone else around and shows it in these papers which follow the distinctive trajectory of the state’s history from statehood on. Jenk knows how to entertain an audience but he also educates, giving due emphasis to such important topics as the radical and socialist roots of state politics, the reapportionment issues, the increasing role of women, and the transformation of Oklahoma from the Democratic to the Republican column.”

Like Jenk Jones, Jr., The Tulsa Tribune has a storied history in the state. Jenk’s grandfather Richard Lloyd Jones, Sr. purchased the Tulsa Democrat in October 1919 and under its new name, The Tulsa Tribune, printed the first edition on January 1, 1920. It was Tulsa’s evening newspaper for 72 years until September 30, 1992.

History of Oklahoma Politics

Part I 
Table of Contents
     1901 to 1965

Part II
1967 to 1999
Philosophies espoused by Henry Bellmon

 Part III
         1994: Harbinger of Political Upheaval
         Our Wildest and Wackiest Years
         The Decade that Changed Oklahoma
         Black Hats, White Hats and Shades Between
         Oklahoma’s Radical Roots

     Course Materials 
         “Saint, Sinners”, 1995, 1996 
         History of Oklahoma Politics 

     Notable Oklahomans In Congress
     Governors of Oklahoma
     Women in Oklahoma Politics 
     Major Political Happenings (1958-1968) 
         Supreme Court Scandal (1965)
         County Commissioner Scandal
     1994 Elections  
     Book Lists

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