Our Faculty and Staff

The political science faculty may be few in number—currently six—but consider the compensating virtues. Immodest through it may be, here is a collective portrait. 

  • Versatile. Just think of us each term, six samurai professors girding our loins against a monster course catalogue that offers forty different courses. In the last three years or so we have taught on a rotating basis almost all of them! In addition, we are collectively no slouches in the classroom. Fifty percent among us, that is to say, three professors, have earned top teaching awards.
  • National and an international reputation. One among us gives papers in Europe on a regular basis, most recently Sciences-Po in Paris, Bucharest University, and Cambridge University—where the moderator introduced the TU speaker as hailing from a university that was enjoying its “golden age.” Another among us is a higher education consultant and has been asked to help reorganize Saudi universities. In addition, he directs the Tulsa Committee on Foreign relations which arranges speakers at downtown dinners to which business people and our own students are invited.

Since it is the political science department we are talking about, you will naturally inquire whether we know anything about power. Let us count the ways. Among us you will find long serving Dean, a current Dean, a long serving member of the Tenure and Promotion Committee, and a former Assistant to the President. But this only demonstrates that an ideal of service is a part of the spirit of the department. We have anticipated President Obama’s inaugural plea to make this the “age of responsibility.” 



Gaurav Kampani

Assistant Professor

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