Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Courses in political science are listed in one of three areas:

  • American politics
  • International studies
  • Political and legal theory.

For a major in political science, an introductory-level course is required in American politics, in international studies, and in political and legal theory. Another 21 credit hours are required at the 3000-4000 level and must include at least one course in each of the three areas. A minor field or certificate is also required.

Required Courses Credit Hours
Lower Division Courses
     American Politics   
     International Studies*  
     Politcal and Legal Theory**  
Electives***  21 
Total Hours Required for Major 30

The capstone to the major is the senior project (a college requirement) and a thesis.

Students seeking teacher certification in social studies complete a second major in education and additional courses in history, economics, sociology, and geography as prescribed by the state approved program in combination with the major in political science.

*Choose any 2000 level International Studies Courses that is listed.
**Choose one of the two courses listed.
***Electives at the 3000-4000 level.  Must include at least one in the each of the areas of study.