The Department of Psychology is located in Lorton Hall, a recently renovated building near the center of the TU campus. The building contains faculty offices, classrooms, offices for graduate students on assistantships, research space, study areas, and clinical training space.

McFarlin Library, a two-minute walk from Lorton Hall, contains more than three million items and more than 6,000 periodical subscriptions. The library's catalogue is computerized and is accessible from terminals across campus. Computer searches of the major information databases in psychology are available to students at no charge.

Students in psychology are strongly encouraged to become computer literate. Major computer application suites and statistical packages (e.g., SPSS) are available for word processing, data analyses, test interpretation, and other tasks. The university has several computer labs with a variety of hardware configurations and software packages for student use. Visiting scholars and professionals often join the graduate faculty in presenting special courses, workshops, and seminars. Each year, a number of colloquium speakers offer opinions, ideas, and research on topics of current interest in psychology.