Human Rights and Psychotraumatology

Friday, September 02, 2011

12th European Conference on Traumatic Stress in Vienna, Austria

Newman Vienna TripIn June 2011, Dr. Elana Newman and two of her graduate students, Summer Nelson and Namik Kirlić, attended the 12th European Conference on Traumatic Stress in Vienna, Austria themed “Human Rights and Psychotraumatology.”  The conference explored a wide range of topics to better understand individual and collective trauma resulting from human rights abuses, including the appropriateness and effectiveness of current diagnostic and treatment frameworks, the specific needs of vulnerable populations, ways to promote resilience in volatile areas, and finally, prevention of human rights abuses by mental health professionals.

At a panel addressing trauma among journalists moderated by Dr. Elana Newman, Summer Nelson presented the preliminary data from her dissertation examining psychological responses, job performance, and predictors of both PTSD and occupational functioning among American reporters. Namik Kirlić presented a poster addressing the externalizing symptoms among young adults in Bosnia one decade after the conclusion of the war.

Together with Joop de Jong, Dr. Elana Newman spoke about foreign trauma experts conducting culturally appropriate training, interventions, and research in areas stricken by violence and natural disasters. Additionally, Dr. Elana Newman and Bruce Shapiro of the DART center presented a panel about the ways trauma experts can engage journalists and facilitate their abilities to tell trauma-informed stories. The three enjoyed meeting and exchanging knowledge with other researchers and clinicians at the conference. In conjunction with the conference, Dr. Elana Newman served as one of the faculty for a one day workshop sponsored by the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma-Europe Office, to help European journalism educators enhance trauma training.

Elana Newman