Anupama Narayan

Anupama Narayan

Associate Professor of PsychologyLorton Hall 302F

Presently, I am primarily interested in the issues of individual and team performance and effectiveness specifically focusing on the role of individual motivation and both surface and deep-level diversity issues. In some initial research in collaboration with other colleagues, I have explored the role of gender composition of dyads on performance on a computer-based task that was embedded in either a masculine or feminine context. Results highlighted the complicated nature of gender composition of teams as an influence on performance.

My dissertation was on the role of assigned team goal, team composition and task type in the relationship between individual difference factors and self-set goals in a pre-team context. In this study I used teams of 4 people who were working on a time constraint task in a collocated team environment. I am now looking forward to extending this research and exploring the role of interpersonal trust, communication, and strategy development in cross-cultural and virtual team environments.

Other areas of research interest include training and development and job attitudes. In this line of research we have examined some antecedents of training attitudes such as prior experience with training, gender, and goal orientations. This study indicated that prior experience with training had a beneficial effect on training attitudes, and women had more favorable attitudes than men. I have been involved in some interdisciplinary research using a model of readiness to change in pre-training contexts. This model has been predominantly used in assessment of individuals in alcohol and substance abuse settings.

Education and Degrees Earned

  • Ph.D. in Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    Wright State University, Dayton, OH
    August 2008
  • Master of Science (M.S.) August 2004
    Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    Wright State University, Dayton, OH

Professional Affiliations

  • SIOP
  • AOM

Courses Taught at TU

  • Psychology of Work (Psy 2053)
  • Social Psychology (Psy 3053)
  • Survey of Organizational Psychology (Psy 7633)
  • Teams (Psy 7663)


  • Stokes, K. C., Steele-Johnson, D., & Narayan, A. (2007). Composition of teams and computer-based tasks: Effects of gender. Team Performance Management, 13(5/6), 160 – 171. [Outstanding Paper Award Winner, Literati Network Awards for Excellence, 2008]

  • Narayan, A., Steele-Johnson, D., Delgado, K., & Cole, P. A. (2007). Differential effects of pre-training influences on readiness to change. Journal of Psychology: Applied and Interdisciplinary, 141 (1), 47 – 60.

  • Narayan, A. & Steele-Johnson, D. (2007). Relationships between prior experience of training, gender, goal orientation, and training attitudes. International Journal of Training and Development, 3(11), 166 -180.