Juris Doctor and Master of Arts in I/O Psychology

In conjunction with the College of Law, the Department of Psychology offers an interdisciplinary program in law and I/O Psychology. Students who are interested in the joint program seek admission to each individual program and consult with academic advisors in each program to plan their degree program.

There are two curriculum options

  • Option 1 consists of 30 credits of psychology and 81 credits of law.
  • Option 2 consists of 33 credits of psychology and 78 credits of law.

Both options include all required subjects as established by the College of Law for the Juris Doctor degree (the J.D. is an ABA and AALS accredited degree) and all required subjects in industrial and organizational psychology as established by the Department of Psychology. This program eliminates 21 hours of course work that would be required if the programs in law and industrial and organizational psychology were taken separately.

I/O MA-JD Balance Sheet