Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

A doctoral degree in I/O psychology is suitable for those seeking deeper understanding of the principles and methods of fitting people and jobs. Our Ph.D. program follows the scientist-practitioner model of psychological training, incorporating a synergy of theory, research, and practice directed to improving organizational effectiveness and worker well-being. Our doctoral program prepares students for a wide range of employment opportunities in industry, government, and consulting settings, as well as for research and university (i.e. academic) positions.

General Requirements

The Ph.D. degree requires completion of 90 approved credit hours of graduate credit beyond the baccalaureate. The first two years of the program are structured to offer key foundational courses (e.g. job analysis, work motivation), with subsequent coursework, research, and internships tailored to individual needs and interests. A Master’s thesis is not required, but doctoral students must complete a pre-candidacy paper, usually in their second or third year, under faculty supervision on an I/O psychology topic. They must also successfully complete a comprehensive exam consisting of written, quantitative, and oral components, covering all major areas of I/O psychology. The dissertation is the last phase of the doctoral program. It requires formation of a dissertation committee, a proposal defense, data collection, data analysis, write-up, and an oral defense before the committee. Successful completion of all of these requirements, except the dissertation, is required before students are formally admitted to doctoral candidacy.

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Students should consult with a Department Advisor or College Advising Office for specific program requirements.