Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

A student who completes the psychology curriculum receives a and preparation for a career in teaching, business, or law, as well as for graduate work in clinical, applied, or academic psychology. A psychology minor complements any line of study.

The B.A. in psychology require a total of 36 credit hours in psychology, excluding those counted toward general curriculum requirements. At least two-thirds of these credit hours must be 3000- or 4000-level courses, and no more than 39 hours in psychology may be counted toward the degree. Given that the major allows flexibility, students are strongly urged to work with their advisors to select courses in a meaningful order and in relation to their own career plans.

Required Courses Credit Hours
Foundation Courses 12 
Core Courses  12 
Elective Courses  12 
Total Hours Required for Major 36 

Current students should see their Department Advisor or the College Advising Office for a copy of their Balance Sheet(s) with specific course requirements for their major and the Tulsa Curriculum.