Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Entry Requirement for a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology

A student wishing to declare sociology as a major must either:

  • Consult with the sociology department;
  • Earn a solid grade of C or better in SOC 1033 or a B in the equivalent courses at another university;
  • And earn grades no lower than C in ENGL 1033 and MATH 1083 at TU, with at least one of these grades being a B or better.
  • Note: B's in writing and math courses at another university will fulfill this entry requirement.
  • Note: A Math ACT score of 25 or Math SAT score of 600 will fulfill the math portion of this entry requirement.
  • OR, obtain the permission of the sociology department.

Sociology majors can design a specific program of study in preparation for graduate school, professional school (law, business, medicine), and for careers in social services, government, research, consulting, teaching, or business.

Students must choose, with the advisor's approval, at least 12 hours in a minor field, six of which must be at the 3000-4000 level.

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
Core*  15 
Electives**  18 
Total Hours Required for Major  33 

* The Bachelor of Science degree requires the student to take STAT 2013 Intro to Statistics in addition to the requirements in the Core Curriculum.

**Fifteen (15) hours must be at the 3000-4000 level, and be chosen with the faculty advisor's approval.

Current students should see their Department Advisor or the College Advising Office for a copy of their Balance Sheet(s) with specific course requirements for their major and the Tulsa Curriculum.