Sociology Senior Project

Seniors work on Research Project for Client

In the fall of 2013, the senior Sociology majors began work on a research project for their client, the Center for Global Education (CGE) on TU’s campus. This project is a continuation of the work conducted by last year’s Senior Project class who used surveys and in-depth interviews to identify what factors prevent students from studying abroad during their time at the University of Tulsa. The students found that one of the most prevalent reasons for not studying abroad was a “fear of missing out” at TU. This year’s seniors designed an online survey, sent out to all undergraduate students, to determine what specifically students are afraid to miss out on and how likely these factors would be in keeping them from studying abroad. The results of this study will be collected, analyzed, and compiled into a report to be delivered to the CGE. Based on the Senior Project Class’s findings, the CGE will be able to better tailor their services to the needs of the TU community, thereby ensuring that a global experience is possible for all TU students.

Students in the Senior Project class have the opportunity to explore the real-life applications of their knowledge and training, to build experience in a practical field, and to further prepare for both academic and professional opportunities after graduation.