Machele Dill Goes to Israel

Friday, November 30, 2012

Michele Miller Dill in the "Unwitting Wife".




Musical Theatre Department Director Machele Miller Dill appeared along with Rebecca Ungerman and Shannon Boston in "The Unwitting Wife" in October, which was featured at an international theatre festival in Tiberias, Israel.  Tiberias is one of Tulsa's Sister Cities.

Ungerman, along with Dill and Boston recorded a cast album which will be available on iTunes.  The album was used to create the music tracks for the show in Israel. 

"Having Machele be a part of this has been phenomenal," Ungerman said.  "And her work ont he album was, for me, a real revelation.  Just the way she approached my songs, all the things she's able to bring to them that make them sound new even to me-it just blew me away".

Sandra Plaster