Prospective Student Auditions


TU will hold auditions for Acting, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Dance & Design Programs by appointment

Scholarship Auditions Information


Scholarship Auditions are for those students intent on MAJORING in some aspect of Theatre or Musical Theatre. No scholarship awards will be given to incoming freshmen who plan to only MINOR in Theatre or Musical Theatre. If a student proposes to minor and wishes to apply for a scholarship, they may do so during the sophomore year or later 


 Day  Date Dance Audition  Individual Auditon
 Sunday November 9, 2014 Begin at 2 p.m. - By Appointment  Begin at 3 p.m. - By Appointment
 Sunday January 25, 2015 Begin at 2 p.m. - By Appointment  Begin at 3 p.m. - By Appointment
 Sunday February 15, 2015 Begin at 2 p.m. - By Appointment  Begin at 3 p.m. - By Appointment

Auditions Theatre, Musical Theatre & Dance

Musical Theatre Auditions

Musical Theatre Auditions  Prepare Two (2), 32-bar contrasting songs from the Musical Theatre genre. Two (2), 2-minute or under contrasting Monologues from published plays  
Dance Auditions 
(Required for Musical Theatre Scholarship Applicants).
Please wear dance attire or comfortable clothing.  Character or jazz shoes are recommended but not required.

Auditions will be given 10 minute individual slots.  Please bring 4 copies of your resume and a headshot if available. You will be asked to do one song and one monologue. If we need to see more, we will ask for the other material. Please bring sheet music in the appropriate key. It is recommended that you mount it on cardstock and tape it together accordion style or put it in a binder. No taped accompaniment or a capella singing please. An accompanist will be provided or you are welcome to bring your own. You will be given time to change into audition attire following the dance audition; please being that with you.

Theatre Auditions

 Acting Auditions Prepare three (3),  2-minute or under contrasting monologues from published plays. 
 Design/Playwriting Please bring your portfolio or samples of your work.  You will be given 10 minutes to present your work and answer questions. If you need a computer, TV, VCR or DVD player, please let us know in advance.

You will be given 10 minute individual lots. Those auditioning for performance scholarships – please being 4 copies of your resume and a headshot if available. If you wish to audition for both a performance scholarship (either Acting or Musical Theatre) and a Design or Playwriting scholarship, you may do so. Please let us know in advance.

Audition Appointments

Those wishing to schedule an audition for Theatre or Musical Theatre and Dance should contact Sandy Plaster at 918-631-2566 or

For those who wish to present a design or playwriting portfolio should contact Machele Miller Dill, Musical Theatre Program Director at 918-631-3155 or  at least 3 weeks prior to the audition date. Students should apply for admission to the university prior to their audition. No scholarship offers can be made without admittance to the University. It is also recommended that the FAFSA-student financial aid form – be filled out and submitted as well.


Please park in the parking lot directly to the North of Kendall Hall. All auditions are in Theatre II in Kendall hall – enter through the Northeast doors. There should be signs directing you to the correct room.

Videotape / DVD Audtions

While it is highly recommended that those wishing to be considered for a scholarship audition in person, it is also recognized that that is sometimes impossible. We do accept videotape / DVD submissions. Those wish to audition for a performance scholarship – either Musical Theatre or Acting – should include monologues and songs as required for the live auditions (please perform all your required material). You may also include brief cuttings from shows in which you have performed. This is especially useful if you are interested in dance and the cuttings display your dance talents. Please include a written explanation of what is contained on the tape along with headshots and resumes. Those wishing to present their design portfolio should do so via CD or DVD if possible. Playwriting applicants should include samples of their work.

If you are unable to attend the on-site audition in January or February, DVD submissions are accepted until February 28, 2014.

Questions should be directed to:

Machele Dill
Department of Theatre
Kendall Hall 100
PH: (918) 631-2566
FAX: (918) 631-5155