Theatre Programs of Study


The Bachelor of Arts in theatre offers a core curriculum supporting the collaborative process essential to the living theatre. In consultation with a theatre advisor, students choose courses leading to a general education in theatre or an emphasis in performance, design/technical theatre, or playwriting. The theatre student is expected to participate fully in the production aspects of the theatre program as the essential laboratory in which course work is integrated with practice. The student may specialize in performance, design/technical or playwriting or choose to pursue a general theatre degree. Non-majors are also encouraged to participate in theatre productions and to take theatre courses.

A double major in Theatre (taking specified course work to satisfy state certification requirements) with a double major in Secondary Education may be obtained for those interested in certifying to teach Theatre at the high school level.

A Masters in Teaching Arts in Theatre Education is offered jointly by the department of Theatre and School of Education. Please consult the School of Education for details. This degree program is intended for those who have the undergraduate degree(s) and wish masters level training to hone their skills in teaching and producing Theatre at the High School Level.