Bachelor of Arts in Art History

The B.A. in Art History requires 33 hours of study with 6 hours of Art History Core Courses, 21 hours of Art History upper division electives and 6 hours of Studio Art electives. Students must complete a minor or a certificate  under the direction of their advisor.
Required Courses  Credit Hours 
Core Courses  6
Arth 2202, Survey of Art History I  
Arth 2223, Survey of Art History II  
Upper Division Art History Courses 6
Choose two of the following courses:
Arth 3053, Medieval Art
Arth 4313, Italian Renaissance Art
Arth 4013, Baroque and Rococo Art
Choose two of the following courses: 6
Arth 4613, 19th Century European Art
Arth 4223, Post-Impressionism through Abstract Expressionism
Arth 4023, Art Since Mid-Century
Art History Electives 9
Studio Art Electives 6
Total Hours Required for Major 33

Art History Senior Project

The senior project for art history majors consists of writing a significant document of publishable quality, under the direction of an art history faculty.  The document might take the form of a lengthy research paper, a series of interrelated essays, or a catalogue of museum artifacts. 

Students should refer to the University Bulletin for a complete program description.  Current students should see their Department Advisor or the College Advising Office for a copy of their Program Balance Sheet for complete program requirements.