Master of Teaching Arts

The M.T.A. curriculum consists of at least 36 credit hours of graduate study, evenly divided between profession education and studio art.

Required Courses Credit Hours
Education and Art Education 18 
Art History  3
Major (Art Studio) 
Electives (Art Studio) 
Total Hours required for degree 36

The maximum number of credit hours that a student can take at the 6000 level is 15 hours.  Candidates will present projects from their major areas of concentration consisting of a specified number of works, to be determined by the master's project director.  The project must adequately display the proficiency of each candidate in that field.

Students must have a B.A., B.F.A., or equivalent degree from an accredited college or university. The applicant’s transcript must be equivalent to the curriculum requirements of the art program and any undergraduate deficiencies must be removed. A representative portfolio in 35mm slides, prints, or CD/DVD-ROM, an artist’s statement, three letters of recommendation, and a letter of intent must be approved by the Graduate Art Faculty and will remain on file in the graduate advisor’s office.

General Requirements
The time limitation for completion of the M.T.A degree is six years. Transfer credit of up to six credit hours is allowed for the M.T.A.,  at the discretion of the art program’s graduate faculty.

*See the M.T.A. requirements in Education.