Bachelor of Arts in Art

The B.A. in Art degree allows for emphases in the studio areas of ceramics, graphic design, painting, photography and printmaking. The curriculum for all degrees allows students to develop critical thinking skills and technical expertise in an interdisciplinary environment. Students are required to Minor in Art History (12 hours).

The B.A. in Art degree certifies that the student has completed a major study in the visual arts as an integral part of a general liberal arts degree program. Career preparation is not the primary objective of the B.A. degree, however, it ensures that the student have a broad approach to artistic production. 

Required Courses Credit Hours
Core  12
Upper Division Drawing 3
Intermediary Level Courses*  
    Painting 3
    Printmaking 3
    Ceramics 3
    Sculpture 3
    Photography 3
    Graphics Com I 3
Upper Division Courses
    Emphasis (3000-4000 Level) 9
    Electives (3000-4000 Level) 6
Total Hours in Studio Art 39
Required Minor
Core 6
Electives in Art History** 6
Total Hours in Minor 12

*Take 3 of the 6 courses, 1 in the area of emphasis.
**6 Hours must be in upper division.

BA Art Balance Sheet

Students should refer to the University Bulletin for a complete program description.

Current students should see their Department Advisor or the College Advising Office for a copy of their Program Balance Sheet for complete program requirements.