Mixed Blessings

Friday, January 08, 2010

TU Professor of Ceramics Whitney Forsyth’s “Mixed Blessings” at the Living Arts of Tulsa

Forsyth’s “Mixed Blessings” is a large-scale ceramic art installation that figures a flock of over one hundred clay black birds on a fence, under which lays an extensive carpet of small ceramic red berries. The installation is arranged so that it appears that the birds are unable to control or hide the massive multiplication of the red berries. The work is a visual metaphor for the struggles and complexity of the child welfare system in Romania. As a result of Ceausescu’s communist regime, tens of thousands of abandoned and parentless children ended up living in deplorable state-run orphanages. The art piece addresses the issue that an ever growing number of children are held hostage in deplorable state institutional settings, a fact which the Romanian government ignores.

Mixed Blessings” is on exhibit at the Living Arts of Tulsa from January 8th to January 28th, 2010.

Mary Whitney