Coping: Joshua Meier, MFA Candidate, Exhibits at TAC

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Josh Meir CopingMFA candidate Joshua Meier will show a recent body of work entitled, Coping, at the Tulsa Artist Coalition (TAC) throughout January. The show opens 6-9pm Friday, Jan. 7th with a chance to meet the artist. The exhibit is on display through Jan. 29th.

In Coping, Meier redefines children's traditional role in art as a metaphor for innocence by reversing the roles between the subject and the viewer. His work asks the question: "What does the child think about us and what we have become, as the viewer, as adults, as mothers, as fathers?" The work that has resulted from this introspective wondering is unique and energetic, yet possesses the same moody photography techniques that Meier brings to much of his work. The resultant imagery depicts children being given a voice to express their own feelings regarding the nature of their existence.

Meier's work is a testament to his love of materials and the way he leaves his hand in everything he creates. He shoots and develops his photos through traditional techniques using a large format camera that shoots 4x5 inch sheet film. To add authenticity to this old fashioned method of photography Meier uses lenses that are up to one hundred years old. "The camera has no shutter on the lens so I use my hand as the shutter," Meier said. "The process I have created is very intuitive. I have to be in touch with the light, the materials and myself. A lot of photographers are very precise," he said. "I'm sort of the opposite."

Precise or not, Meier's work is highly unique as his unconventional techniques lead to intuitive and beautiful photographs. The end results are surprisingly conceptual and create the feeling of a narrative without any specifics that lend themselves to a resolute understanding of what is taking place. Dissecting the human condition is one of the strongest motivators of his work as the scenes he creates often speak to the universal feeling of struggle and loneliness. The open-ended interpretation Meier intends for his work allows for each viewer to connect with what they see in a different and personal way.

For more information, visit the TAC Gallery website or Joshua Meier's website.


Mary Whitney