TU Students and Faculty Recognized at ADDY Awards

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The 44th Annual ADDY Awards took place on January 22, 2012 at the Mayo Hotel in Tulsa.  The University’s Ad Program took ADDY awards for their PC Penney “We Get It” brochure. TU students working on this project included Jordan White, Christina Kuzmic, Sophia Olsen and Beth Waller writers; Andrea Maduro and Eryn Sweeney-Demezas designers.  For her logo design Madeline McKeever took a Gold Addy for TABERC (Tulsa Area Bioscience Education and Research Consortium).  Scholarships went to two students in Communication Kyra McNamara and Justin Johnson.

Another prestigious award is the Eddy award. The Eddy award was established in 1996 to recognize companies and organizations that have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the advancement of advertising and the American Advertising Federation-Tulsa chapter. The nominees are required to excel in three different categories: advertising, service and to the Ad Club and service to area non-profit organizations, schools, churches, or city/state agencies. This year’s recipient was the Ad Program at TU founded by M. Teresa Valero and Bill Hinkle.


American Advertising Federation Tulsa holds the mission to maintain a thriving advertising industry within the Tulsa community.  AAF promotes the well-being of advertising with programs that educate the industry on the latest trends in technology, creativity and marketing.  AAF Tulsa celebrates the highest standards of creativity in advertising through local ADDY Awards.  ADDY Award winners in local competition compete in District level and finally in the National ADDY.


Mary Whitney