The Nature of Abstraction: Works by Karen Kunc

Monday, December 05, 2011

Artist's Lecture on January 19 at 4 pm in the Jerri Jones Lecture Hall. Reception in the gallery to follow.

Kunc_GardenOfDisasters Karen Kunc will have an exhibition of prints in the Alexandre Hogue Gallery January 12 through February 16, 2012.  She will lecture on her work January 19 at 4 pm in the Jerri Jones Lecture Hall.  A reception for the artist will follow in the Hogue Gallery.

Kunc offers environmental and politically charged awareness and poetically poignant ideas through her visual vocabulary, based on the visualization of symbiotic relationships and order.   In addressing large and timely issues, she conceptualizes on place and identity from the center of everywhere, and “no where”; she considers her home in Nebraska, and the exoticism of other places, the microcosm to the macro-spatial dimension.   

Kunc's senses are attuned to the natural world as she evokes the metaphoric interdependent relationship of humankind with and against nature, and the perennial cycle of life and renewal. She speculates visually on what we contain or exploit, resource usage, land use and abuse, water rights/needs, genetic manipulations, human struggle against nature and for control.   From urban experience she sees compelling images in stunted nature, confined spaces and imbalances, encroaching development into redefined waste spaces, ideas of alienated beauty in corrupt surroundings.

Her poetical approach allows allusions to be drawn without being didactic, while inviting open-ended political interpretations for a balance of concepts. Her printing process and content mirrors the human dilemma of the use of natural resources, as the color reduction woodcut process destroys once living matter in the creation of something meaningful.

This event is free and open to the public.

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