About the School



What we offer

The School of Art offer courses in a variety of artistic media – painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, graphic design, printmaking and ceramics – as well as in art history. Our purpose is to give all our students a firm grounding in the foundations of art, including drawing. The curriculum is designed to encourage students to explore a variety of media techniques, and later to specialize in one. Our equipment is state-of-the art. In addition, as part of a liberal arts university, the School of Art advocates developing interdisciplinary approaches to the study of art.

Students have our attention

Because of small classes and easy access to faculty, students will get individualized attention as they shape the program to their needs.

Visiting Artists and Lecturers come to Tulsa

Reitz-EventThe School of Art has an active visiting artist and lecturer program. Well-established artists, art critics or art historians deliver lectures or run workshops our students and the community. We also have a busy gallery. The Alexandre Hogue Gallery is located within Phillips Hall where the School of Art is housed. It provides a venue for the display of recent work of professional artists, and in the spring, of our students’ work. In addition, students get free admission to two museums in Tulsa: the Thomas Gilcrease Museum and the Philbrook Museum of Art. And students are encouraged to participate in the art profession by doing internships, entering juried exhibitions, giving lectures, attending or running workshops, volunteering at art agencies, all while they are still students.

We travel, too.

The School of Art also regularly organizes short trips to Kansas City, St. Louis, and Dallas / Fort Worth, among other places, and occasionally to New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington DC, to visit museums and special exhibitions.