Programs of Study

Undergraduate Program

Teacher Preparation Options
Students who seek to become teachers have the following options for majors at The University of Tulsa: 

  • Biology, chemisty, geosciences, or physics (with a second major in education)
  • Mathematics (with a second major in education)
  • English (with a second major in education)
  • French, German, Russian, or Spanish (with a second major in education)
  • History or political science (with a second major in education)
  • Art or theatre (with a second major in education)
  • Music education (instrumental or vocal)
  • Exercise and sports science (with certification option)
  • Elementary education, or
  • Deaf education

Graduate Program

The graduate programs in education are designed to strenthen and deepen students' analytical understanding of education while preparing them for futures in teaching, policymaking, and scholarly research.  The faculty makes every effort to help students integrate research and theory with educational policy and practice. In so doing, students master the central concepts of their chosen programs as well as develop the ability to empirically analyze, think critically, and speak and write clearly in the appropriate genre for their educational field. Graduate students may pursue Oklahoma certification as part of a degree program or as an independent certification-only plan.