Student Teaching

Criteria for Admission into Student Teaching

  • Previous admission to teacher education. 
  • Achievement of an overall grade-point average of 2.50 in at least 90 semester hours.
  • Achievement of a grade-point average of 3.0 in Professional Education courses (Educ 1101, 2103, 3171, 3713, 3733, 4013, and methods courses).
  • Achievement of a grade-point average of 2.75 in major.
  • A 2.50 grade-point average in 90 semester hours of academic coursework prior to application. 
  • Satisfactory completion of all field experience associated with education courses.
  • Achievement of at least a “C” in all courses in teaching methods.
  • Satisfactory review of Professional Portfolio by Education advisor.
  • Evidence of field experience with culturally diverse students.
  • Signed statement of knowledge of and compliance with pertinent State laws.
  • Recommendation of the subject area advisor and Education advisor.
  • Recommendation of the Director of the School of Urban Education.

In addition to meeting the above criteria, transfer students and students with baccalaureate degrees seeking certification must have completed eight hours at The University of Tulsa, including a course in professional education and a course in their teaching field.

Student Teaching Placement

For first semester placement in student teaching, students should make formal application by March 1 of their junior year. For second-semester placement, application should be made by October 1 of the senior year. Application forms, available in the School of Urban Education, third floor of Chapman Hall, should be completed with the assistance of an education advisor and filed with the Coordinator of Field Experiences following the orientation meeting at the beginning of each semester. Placement and university supervisors are confirmed in the second orientation meeting during the last week of classes of each semester. Senior transfer students and students with baccalaureate degrees seeking certification should apply immediately after their admission to the university.

Professional Examinations

Prospective teachers in Oklahoma must pass the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET), the appropriate Oklahoma Subject Area Test (OSAT), and the Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination (OPTE) to be eligible for licensure/certification. Complete information and registration bulletins are available from the School of Urban Education.

Oklahoma Professional Teacher Certification 

During their last semester, students who have passed the appropriate state examinations should make application for a certificate to teach in Oklahoma. Changes in regulations can result in changes in professional licensing/certification requirements. 

  •  Baccalaureate degree with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher.
  • Completion of the appropriate approved program(s) for the area(s) of specialization in which licensing or certification is sought.
  • Completion of student teaching with no grade lower than C and with an average of at least 2.50 or higher in all student teaching courses. (Students who do not receive a C or higher in a student teaching course may petition the Teacher Education Council to repeat student teaching). 
  • Satisfactory review of the teaching portfolio. 
  • Completion of criminal background check. 
  • Passing scores on the OGET, OSAT, and OPTE.

Students who complete a program in Elementary Education, Deaf Education, Music Education, or Exercise and Sports Science Education may apply to the state of Oklahoma through the standard route, in which the School of Urban Education recommends them for certification. Students completing programs in art, English, foreign languages, math, sciences, speech and drama, and social studies may apply to the state of Oklahoma for the alternative route to certification.