Faculty Spotlight: Dr. John Powell

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Musicology Professor John Powell

Musicology Professor John Powell provided the score and parts of Charpentier’s La Couronne de Fleurs and Les Plaisirs de Versailles for performance by Warren Stewart and Magnificat in San Francisco, and gave 3 preconcert talks in October 2008; presented a pre-concert lecture on the composer Lucien Durosoir at Yale University before the concert Tour de France, by Ole Akahoshi (cello) and Elizabeth Parisot (piano), in January 2009; presented a paper "The Metamorphosis of Psyché" at a conference on Opera and Politics in the Ancien Régime, given at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library in February 2009; and provided the score and parts of Charpentier’s Le Malade imaginaire for performance by the De Paardenkathedraal theatre company in Utrecht, Holland, August-September 2009.


Teri Pass