Bachelor of Music Education in Instrumental Music

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Music Education curriculum are not required to have a minor. They must complete the requirements of the Tulsa Curriculum as follows:

Tulsa Curriculum Required Courses Credit Hours
Tulsa Core Curriculum* 18 
Tulsa General Curriculum 25 
Tulsa Curriculum Requirements 43

*B.M.E. students are required to take two semesters of a foreign language (one year).

Students enrolled in the B.M.E. in Instrumental Music complete 131 credit hours that include the Tulsa Curriculum Requirements for Students in the B.M.E.  Programs as listed above and the following courses:

Required Music Courses Credit Hours
Applied Music  (Studio Lessons)
Music Ensembles 8
Music Core Courses  40 
Professional Education 34 
Total Required Hours for Major 131

Students should consult with a Department Advisor or the College Advising Office for specific courses requirements for this field of study.