Bachelor of Arts in Music

Normally students pursuing the B.A., the B.M. with a major in composition or the B.M.E. degree enroll for one credit hour each semester in their major applied instrument/voice.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts curriculum with a major in music complete 124 credit hours as follows:

Required Courses Credit Hours
Tulsa Core Curriculum* 24 
Tulsa General Curriculum** 25 
General Electives  11 
Minor  12 
Applied Music Lessons 
Music Ensembles 8
Music Recital Attendance(1000-4000) 0
Music Core 20
Music Electives 16
Totall Hours Required 124

*Includes Math, Foreign Language
**Blocks I, II and III

A student may elect course offerings in jazz literature and techniques in any of the School of Music’s degree programs. All students should check carefully with their advisor each semester to make sure they are enrolled
in the proper section of applied music.

Students should consult with their Department Advisor or the College Advising Office for specific course requirements in this field of study.