The Mary K. Chapman Center for Communicative Disorders is a 14,000 square foot, free standing, two-level building specifically designed to provide classrooms, observation, and practicum facilities for our educational programs. It is designed to accommodate persons who have physical challenges. The building contains three classrooms, a seminar room, a large reception/waiting room area, 16 clinic rooms, eight observation rooms, a children's group therapy room, a playroom, two large audiometric suites, a speech science and voice swallowing lab, an assistive technologies lab, and faculty offices. The observation rooms have two-way mirrors and sound equipment for monitoring student performance.

The department has the latest equipment and instrumentation available for use in research, diagnostic, and therapy activities, including the Kay Pentax Digital Swallowing Workstation with Videoendoscopy and Stroboscopy, Computerized Speech Lab (CSL), Nasometry, and Visipitch. There is also a wide selection of current materials on hand for the assessment and management of a variety of communication disorders.