Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students are offered the opportunity to engage in research through the enrollment of an Independent Study under one of the faculty members in the department of communication disorders. Recently, undergraduates have served as research assistants in projects related to the effectiveness of digital tablets on reading comprehension and vocabulary comprehension, and and coding social interactions of children with language disorders engaged in a community playgroup.  

Students are encouraged to participate in the Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC) program as part of their undergraduate academic plan of study in communication disorders.  In recent years, undergraduates have participated in this program through a wide variety of projects dealing with the large scope of practice in the fields of communication disorders. For example, one undergraduate student evaluated interdisciplinary preprofessional training and readiness, while another utilized new tablet technologies to adapt pop culture materials to make the accessible and understandable to adults with significant communication deficiencies.

Past Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC) projects:

White, M. (2013). A Linguistic Comparison of Animal and Human Communication Modalities

Mason, N. (2013). Staying Hip: Adapting Pop Culture News for Adults with Disabilities

Marshall, S. (2012). Preparation for Collaboration.Garcia, K. (2004). An investigation of pre-literacy strategies used by hearing children compared to those used by deaf children.

Smith, J., (2003). An investigation of early intervention services for deaf infants and toddlers