Faculty and Staff Directory

The College of Arts and Sciences faculty and staff are dedicated to mentoring students, not only in their field of study but through out the University of Tulsa. 

For a complete list of Faculty and Staff  in each department visit the department pages.


Garrick Bailey  Professor
Miriam Belmaker Assistant Professor
H. Thomas Foster Associate Professor
Donald Henry  Professor 
Lamont Lindstrom  Kendall Professor 
Peter Stromberg Professor;
Department Chair
Michael Whalen Professor - Sabbatical Spring 2015
Kim Ivey Department Assistant


Dan Farnum Assistant Professor of Art
Whitney Forsyth Associate Professor
Aaron Higgins Assistant Professor
Mark Lewis Applied Associate Professor
Michelle Martin Associate Professor
Maria Maurer Assistant Professor
Kirsten Olds Assistant Professor
M. Teresa Valero Applied Professor;
Director of the School of Art
Lora Hodge Department Assistant


Mark Brewin Associate Professor;
Department Chair
John Coward Associate Professor
Joli Jensen Hazel Rogers Endowed Chair;
David Moncrief Applied Professor of
Communication & Film Studies;
Coordinator of Video Production
Benjamin Peters Assistant Professor
Jan Reynolds Department Assistant

Communication Disorders

Sharon Baker Applied Professor
Paula Cadogan Applied Associate Professor;
Department Chair
Lori Davis Associate Professor
Kris Foyil Clinical Supervisor;
Clinical Instructor
Rhonda Marfechuk Clinical Supervisor;
Clinical Instructor
Jessica Scott Applied Instructor of Deaf Education
Suzanne Stanton Clinical Supervisor;
Clinical Instructor
Pam Moss Department Assistant


Scott Carter Assistant Professor
William Dugger Professor
Matthew Hendricks Assistant Professor
Bobbie Horn Associate Professor - Sabbatical Spring 2015
Chad Settle Professor;
Department Chair
Steve Steib Professor;
A&S Director of TURC
Yusi Ouyang Assistant Professor

Urban School of Education

David Brown Associate Professor
Peggy Lisenbee Assistant Professor
Jolly Meadows Applied Assistant Professor
Kara Gae Neal Applied Professor;
Director of the School of Urban Education
Robbie Day Administrative Assistant

Educational Studies

Diane Beals Associate Professor;
Department Chair
Josh Corngold Associate Professor - Sabbatical Spring 2015
Avi Mintz Associate Professor
Tao Wang Associate Professor
Robbie Day Administrative Assistant


Jennifer Airey Associate Professor
Diane Burton Visiting Instructor
Jeffrey Drouin Assistant Professor
Lars Engle James G. Watson Professor
Randall Fuller Chapman Professor of English;
Department Chair
Robert Jackson Assistant Professor
Grant Jenkins Associate Professor
Joseph Kestner McFarlin Professor of English;
Professor of Film Studies
Holly Laird Frances W. O'Hornett
Chair of Literature;
Professor of English
Sean Latham Pauline Walter Chair in
Comparative Literature;
Professor of English
Rob McAlear Assistant Professor;
Director of the Writing Program 
Claudia Nogueira Assistant Professor
Laura Stevens Associate Professor
Adrian Wurr Assistant Dean
Yevgeny Yevtushenko Distinguished Professor
in the Department of English
Garin Greer Department Assistant


Joseph Kestner Professor of Film Studies;
McFarlin Professor of English
David Moncrief Applied Professor of Communication
& Film Studies; Coordinator of
Video Production Services
Joseph Rivers J. Donald Feagin Professor
of Music & Film Studies;
Department Chair
Jeff Van Hanken Associate Professor
Michael Wright Applied Professor of Creative
Writing, Theatre & Film Studies
Ashley Etter Department Assistant


Jonathan Arnold Associate Professor
Joseph Bradley Professor - Sabbatical AY 2014-2015
Thomas Buoye Associate Professor;
Department Chair
Brian Hosmer H.G. Barnard Associate Professor
of Western History
Jeremy Kuzmarov Jay P. Walker Chair in American
History; Assistant Professor
Kristen Oertel Mary Frances Barnard
Associate Professor in 19th
Century American History
  Christine Ruane Professor
Jan Wilson Associate Professor
Andrew Grant Wood Stanley Rutland Associate
Professor of American History - Sabbatical Spring 2015
Toy Kelley Department Assistant


Christopher Anderson Professor
Marta Chamorro Applied Instructor
Veronique Conway Applied Instructor
Elena Doshlygina Applied Assistant Professor
Eduardo Faingold Associate Professor
Tania Garmy Applied Instructor
Zita Halka Applied Instructor
Rosana Khan Applied Instructor
Lydie Meunier Associate Professor
Elsa Plumlee Applied Instructor
Karl Pollin Associate Professor
Karen Rubio Applied Instructor
Stephanie Schmidt Assistant Professor
David Tingey Associate Professor;
Department Chair
Victor Udwin Associate Professor
Bruce Dean Willis Professor
Huiwen (Helen) Zhang Assistant Professor
Ginna Rubio-White Department Assistant

School of Music

Diane Bucchianeri Applied Assistant Professor of Cello
Kim Childs Associate Professor
of Choral Activities/Voice
Stuart Deaver Applied Instructor in Piano
Susan Goldman-Moore Applied Associate Professor
Vernon Howard Applied Professor;
Director of the School of Music
Brady McElligott Assistant Professor
Maureen O'Boyle Applied Assistant Professor
John Powell Professor - Sabbatical Fall 2014
Roger Price Professor
Judith Raiford Assistant Professor
Teresa Reed Associate Professor:
Associate Dean
Joseph Rivers J. Donald Feagin Professor; 
Professor of Film Studies
Frank Ryan Associate Professor -Sabbatical Spring '15
Richard Wagner Assistant Professor;
Director of Instrumental Ensembles
Ana Shelton Department Assistant

Philosophy & Religion

Jane Ackerman Associate Professor:
Department Chair
Matthew Drever Associate Professor - Sabbatical Spring 2015
Michael Futch Associate Professor
Stephen Gardner Associate Professor
F. Russell Hittinger Warren Professor
of Catholic Studies - Sabbatical AY 2014-2015
Jacob Howland McFarlin Endowed Professor
Tina Henley Department Assistant

Political Science

Matt Hindman Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Hockett Professor
Thomas Horne Professor
Gaurav Kampani Assistant Professor
  Kalpana Misra Associate Professor; 
Michael Mosher Professor;
Department Chair
Ryan Saylor Associate Professor
Toy Kelley Department Assistant


Michael Basso McFarlin Associate Professor
Bradley Brummel Associate Professor
Lisa Cromer Assistant Professor
Joanne Davis Associate Professor
Allan Harkness Professor
David Fisher Assistant Professor
John McNulty Associate Professor:
Department Chair
Anupama Narayan Associate Professor
Elana Newman McFarlin Professor
Jennifer Ragsdale Assistant Professor
Jamie Rhudy Associate Professor
Joanna Shadlow Applied Assistant Professor
Robert Tett Professor
Cindy Tissue Department Assistant


  Jean Blocker Kendall Associate Professor
Susan Chase Professor;
Department Chair - Sabbatical Spring 2015
Lara Foley Associate Professor
Ronald Jepperson Acting Chair - Associate Professor
Travis Lowe Assistant Professor
Tina Henley Department Assistant


Susan Barrett Applied Professor;
Department Chair
Machele Dill Applied Assistant Professor
Steven Marzolf Assistant Professor
Kimberly Powers Assistant Professor
Jessica Vokoun Assistant Professor
Lisa Wilson Professor
Sandra Plaster Department Assistant

Certificate Program Directors

Teresa Valero Advertising
Teresa Reed African American Studies
Jonathan J. Arnold Classics
Michael Wright Creative Writing
Ryan Saylor International Studies
John Coward Journalism Studies
Eduardo Faingold Judaic Studies
Lamont Lindstrom Museum Studies
F. Russell Hittinger Political Philosophy
David Moncrief Visual Communication

Administrative Staff

Kalpana Misra Dean
Teresa Reed Associate Dean
Sue Gruen Assistant Dean
Barbara Walters Manager of Operational Budget
and Special Projects
Stephanie Boulden Assistant to the Dean;
Web Administrator
Devin Gardner Department Assistant II
Jane Thomas Coordinator of A&S Advising/
Veronica Ostapowich Enrollment Management Coordinator
and Retention Specialist
Diana Pennington Enrollment Management Coordinator
Lowell Baker Professor of Art
Chuck Tomlins Professor of Art
Lisa Wilson Professor of Theatre
Adrian Wurr Assistant Dean

Emeritus Faculty

Allen R. Soltow Associate Professor of Economics
Thomas H. Buckley Jay P. Walker Professor of
American History
Judy Berry Professor of Psychology
D. Thomas Benediktson Professor of Classic and Comparative Literature
David Cook Professor of Theatre
Dwight Dailey Professor of Music
Hermione de Almeida Professor of English
Gordon Taylor Chapman Professor of English
Robert H. Donaldson Trustees Professor of Political Science
Eldon Eisenach Professor of Political Science
David M. Epstein Professor of History
Jack Foreman Associate Professor of
Communication Disorders
George Gilpin Professor of English
Martin Glenn Godsey Associate Professor of Art
Richard Hall Professor of Education
Robert O. Hansson Professor of Psychology
Donald E. Hayden Professor of English
Warren Hipsher Professor of Education
Victor O. Hornbostel Professor of Humanities
Reginald Hyatte Professor of French
Dale Johnson Associate Professor of Education
Barry Kinsey Professor of Sociology
Derry Dean Kramer Associate Professor of Music
Virgil Lampton Professor of Art Education
Corinna Del Greco Lobner Professor of Foreign Languages
and Comparative Literature
Terance Luce Professor of Psychology
Carl Oliver Professor of Education
Bradley E. Place Professor of Art
Ronald E. Predl Professor of Music
L. Ray Caldwell Professor of Economics
James Ronda Professor of History
Leonard Zusne Professor of Psychology

**Faculty who are Department Chairs have been bolded.



Adrienne Brune


Adrienne Brune

Visiting Professor in Sociology

Research interests include sex and gender, sexualities, family, feminist research methods, and qualitative research methods.

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