Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management

Michelle M. Martin
Associate Professor of Art

The Arts Management curriculum provides an interdisciplinary program of studies in Arts Management, Business, Performing Arts and an area of artistic specialization in Art, Film Studies, Music or Theatre. The degree prepares students for careers in arts organizations, arts related businesses and graduate study in Arts Management. Students are also required to complete an Arts Management Internship as a capstone experience to practically apply the concepts and techniques learned in the classroom. Semester internships may be completed locally, regionally, nationally and/or through special arrangements with the Diorama Arts Centre in London, England.

All students complete the following core studies in arts management. Because of the interdisciplinary nature and the number of courses required for the major, students in arts management are required to have a Certificate in Advertising to compliment this course of study.

Arts Management Core Studies
AM 1110 Arts Experience   8 semesters 
AM 1012  Intro to Arts Organizations I, II  2 hrs 
AM 3011, 30213031  Arts Practicum I, II, III (one each Music, Theatre, Art)  3 hrs 
AM 30133023   Arts Administration I, II   6 hrs 
AM 4613,4623   Arts Internship I, II   6 hrs  
AM 4973   Senior Seminar (Independent Study Project)  3 hrs 
COM 2013 OR 2123 Communication Systems OR Mass Communication and Society 3 hrs
COM 3623 OR 3633 Public Relation Cases and Campaigns OR Writing for Public Relations 3 hrs
MIS 1123    Business Information Technology 3 hrs
Total Hours 29
Recommended Electives
BL 3043 Law and Not-for-profits 3 hrs 

Students complete one artistic specialization track in Visual Art, Music, Theatre or Film Studies.

Visual Art Track
ARTH 2203, 2213 Survey of Art History I, II 6 hrs
ARTH 3000-4000   3 hrs
ART 3000 Studio Art elective and/or Art History electives 3 hrs 
3000-4000 Electives 6 hrs
Total Hours 18
Music Track
MUS 1000 Music Theory (Choose from MUS 1003, MUS 1013, or MUS 1023)   6 hrs
MUS 3000-4000 Music History and/or Music Literature   3-6 hrs
Music Ensemble   1-3 hrs 
Applied Music 1-2 hrs
Music Electives 6 hrs
Total Hours 18
Theatre Track
THEA 3011 Stage Management 1 hr
THEA 2213 A Cultural History of Theatre 3 hrs
one of the following 2 courses:
THEA 2333  Acting 3 hrs
THEA 2352 Stagecraft 2 hrs
THEA 3043 Modern Theatre: History and Literature 3 hrs
THEA 3000-4000 Electives 3-6 hrs
Total Hours 18
Film Studies Track
FLM 2273 Film History 3 hrs
FLM 3283  Film Theory and Criticism 3 hrs
3000-4000 Electives Film Studies Elective List (Bulletin page 140) 12 hrs
Total Hours 18
Generalist Track: 18 hrs 
Available with permission and direction of the Arts Management Advisor  

Students are required to take the following Block courses in their Core Curriculum depending on their Arts Management Track.  Block courses are not counted as hours in the major.

Designated Block I Requirement: 6 hrs*

  • Music Track take  ARTH 2203 or ARTH 2223 and THEA 1063:
  • Art  and Film Track take THEA 1013 or  THEA 1063, and MUS 2073; 
  • Theatre Track take ARTH 2203 or ARTH 2223 and MUS 2073.

Designated Block II Requirement: 6 hrs

  • ECON 2013, Principles of Econ I; Macroeconomics
  • ECON 2023, Principles of Econ II; Microeconomics

Arts Management students are required to complete an Advertising Certificate in leu of a Minor.

Required Advertising Certificate (15 hours)

  • COM 3433, Principles of Advertising
  • COM 3453, Media and Concept Strategy
  • COM 4543, Branding 
  • ART 3243, Graphic Communication I
  • ART 3443, Photoshop

Students should consult with the Program Director or the College Advising Office for specific course requirements for this program of study.