Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Studies

Teresa Reed
Professor of Music
Associate Dean

Organizational Studies is an interdisciplinary major, comprised of 39 hours of course work leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree, blending two disciplines in the College (Organizational Communication and Industrial/Organizational Psychology) with one discipline from Business (Management). It is designed for those students who wish to study organizational behavior and structure in the public and private realms, without limiting themselves to one of the participating disciplines. The idea is to provide students with knowledge and skills which will prepare them for entry level administrative positions in both public and private organizations. A minor is required.

Course Requirements

Block II (select two):

  • Bus 1013, Business and Society
  • Soc 1013, Sociological Imagination

Lower Level Required (select three):

  • Com 2013, Communication Systems
  • Com 2113, Public Communication
  • Com 2913, Organizational Communication and Society
  • Econ 2013, Macroeconomics
  • Econ 2023, Microeconomics
  • Psy 2053, Psychology of Work

Upper Level Required (select four):

  • Com 3933, Organizations and their Publics
  • Engl 3003, Writing for the Professions
  • Mgt 3003, Principles of Management
  • Psy 3073, Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Upper Level Electives (select 3)

  • Am 3013, Arts Administration I 
  • Am 3023, Arts Administration II
  • Arth 4083, Introduction to Museum Work
  • Com 3343, Communication and Conflict Management
  • Com 3333, Small Group Communication
  • Com 4613, Internship
  • Mgt 3063, Organizational Behavior
  • Mgt 3103, Human Resource Management
  • Mgt 4023, Negotiation and Management Skills
  • Mktg 3003, Principles of Marketing  
  • Psy 3053, Social Psychology
  • Soc 3023, Sociology of Work and Occupations

Senior Project (3 credits)

Recommended Course in Block I:

  • Thea 2183, Public Speaking

No more than 15 credits in the major may be taken in courses offered by the Collins College of Business. Students planning to use upper level business electives should choose at least one of the economics courses as a lower level elective.

Students should consult with the Program Director or the College Advising Officer for specific course requirements regarding this program of study.