Degree Balance Sheets

The Henry Kendall College of Arts and Sciences provides students and faculty with Degree Balance Sheets to monitor progress on their degree programs.  Specific questions regarding degree requirements should be addressed with your Advisor or the College Advising Office.


Balance Sheet

Core & General Requirements  Core & General Curriculum
Core & General Requirements for Music Majors  Core & General Curriculum for Music Majors
Anthropology   BA in Anthropology
Art   BA in Art
   BFA in Art
   BA in Art with Art History Emphasis
Arts Management *  BA in Arts Management
Chinese Studies*  BA in Chinese Studies
Communication   BA in Communication
Communication Disorders  BA in Deaf Education
   BS in Speech-Language Pathology
Economics   BA in Economics
   BS in Economics
Education   Elementary Education
   Secondary English Certification
Environmental Policy *   BA or BS in Environmental Policy
English   BA in English
Film Studies  BA in Film Studies
History   BA in History
Languages   BA in French
   BA in German
   BA in Spanish
Music   BA in Music
 BM Music Composition
   BM Instrumental
 BM Piano Performance
   BM Vocal Performance
   BME Instrumental Emphasis
   BME Vocal Emphasis
Organizational Studies *  BA in Organizational Studies
Philosophy & Religion   BA in Philosophy
   BA in Religion
Political Science   BA in Political Science
Psychology   BA or BS in Psychology
Russian Studies  BA in Russian Studies
Sociology   BA in Sociology
 BS in Sociology
Theatre   BA in Theatre
   Musical Theatre  BA in Musical Theatre
Women's and Gender Studies*  BA in Women's and Gender Studies
*Interdisciplinary Major