The Curriculum

The Honors Program reflects and reinforces the educational values and course requirements of the Tulsa Curriculum. All Honors Program students complete a core curriculum of six integrated courses taken in sequence. One course is taken each semester and each course counts toward course requirements that all University of Tulsa students must fulfill.

The Honors Program core curriculum is designed to generate a dialogue between students and the great minds of the past about the perennial issues of human life. These are small classes led by experienced professors and they encourage students to think hard about difficult ideas, to ask unsettling questions, to defend what they say with good reasons, and to write with clarity, confidence, and grace. They are classes that cultivate the habits of mind and attention that distinguish a well-rounded, well-educated human being. Examples of the Honors Program Curriculum are listed below:

First Year

Fall: Greek History, Philosophy and Drama
Spring: Medieval History, Philosophy, Religion and Literature (or) Self-Fashioning in the Renaissance.

Second Year

Fall: Enlightenment and Its Critics
Spring: History and Philosophy of Science

Third Year

Fall: Modernization and Its Discontents
Spring: Contemporary and Emerging Issues

To remain eligible for the program, Honors students must take the prescribed Honors course each semester and maintain a 3.0 grade point average in the first year, and a 3.25 grade point average thereafter.