Visiting Scholars

Each year the Honors Program invites exceptional scholars from across the country to participate in its core curriculum classes. Each visiting scholar gives a public lecture, leads a class discussion, and engages students in the critical, informal dialogue that is the soul of academic inquiry in the Honors Program.

Past visiting scholars include:

Leo Paul de Alvarez, University of Dallas, "Shakespeare's Greek History: Poetry, Revelation and Reason"

Anthony Cascardi, U. of California, Berkeley, “Cervantean Self-Fashioning”

David Corey, Baylor University, "Who Were the Sophists, and Why Do They Matter?"

Patrick Deneen, Georgetown University, “The Wanderings of Odysseus post 9/11”

Stephen Greenblatt, Harvard University, “Shakespeare and the New Millennium”

Stanley Lombardo, University of Kansas, reading from his translation of The Iliad

Sheila Murnaghan, University of Pennsylvania, “Women in the Greek Polis”

Clifford Orwin, University of Toronto,” Was Thucydides a Greek Historian?”

Steven Smith, Yale University, “What is Enlightenment?”

Tibor Wlasics, University of Virginia, “Dante and Visual Art”

Froma Zeitlin, Princeton University, “Greek Tragedy and Gender”