Helpful Links

Online Campus Map 

You might want to bookmark this page for your first few weeks on campus. :) 


View your schedule, grades, and account information here.

Harvey (Hurricane Academic Resource Virtually EverYwhere)

TU’s online courses site. You’ll use this site often to get course syllabi, class assignments, etc. 

Undergraduate Admission 

Full of information about life at TU — academics, student life, the city of Tulsa and more.
Produced by the Office of Admission. 

Living and Dining on Campus 

You’ll find everything from residence halls, apartments, dining locations, policies, meal plans, room rates, events, and movie at this site! 

Office of Student Affairs 

A whole site of resources just for students, including student life resources, the student handbook, important forms, and more. 

Directions to Campus 

At the end of this list, because you’re only going to need it once, right?