Program Timetable

National Merit Scholarship/Competition Timetable

We offer the following timetable of National Merit activities and mailings to help National Merit students prepare for their involvement in the scholarship competition.

Please note: The National Merit Corporation sets the exact dates, so these are general guidelines only.

Sept. - Oct. National Merit Semifinalists and their high schools submit Merit Scholarship Applications.
Oct. - Dec. National Merit Semifinalists take and send SAT I scores to National Merit.
Jan. - Feb. Selected National Merit Semifinalists advance to Finalists standing.
March Selected National Merit Finalists awarded one-time "National" National Merit $2,500 Scholarships.
April Selected National Merit Finalists awarded "College" sponsored Merit Scholarships.
May 31 Deadline to change college choice for "College" sponsored Merit Scholarships.
Note: This is an outline of National Merit activities and mailings. The exact and actual dates are determined by the National Merit Corporation and are subject to change without notice.