Special Academic Opportunities

Highly Customizable Program Options
Including majors, minors, concentrations within majors, and certificate programs. TU students routinely combine these options for a distinctively personalized education.

The Honors Program
Featuring special courses and culminating in a senior research project.

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The Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC)
A unique program which provides undergraduate students the advanced research opportunities typically reserved for graduate students

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The Cyber Corps Program
Providing advanced training and federal certification in computer security. Participants receive "full ride" scholarships plus expenses and are employed as computer security experts in federal agencies upon graduation.

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B.S.I.B.I. Program in International Business and Language
Combining a business major with an intensive foreign language curriculum equivalent to that of a language major.

Global Scholars Program
TU Global Scholars is a new program that focuses on the big questions affecting the world today.

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Extensive Study Abroad Opportunities
Administered by The University of Tulsa itself - one of very few self-administered study abroad programs in the country.

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Professional Internship Opportunities
Bridging the classroom and the professional world.

Progressive Research and Study Facilities
Including computer security labs in TU's Center for Information Security, the Williams Communications Fiber Optic Networking Laboratory, the Genave King Rogers Center for Business Law, the Williams Risk Management Center and the digital video production labs in Chapman Hall.