Private Loans

Private Loans

TU Student Financial Services encourages students to pursue all available types of financial aid (including grants, scholarships, federal loans, and employment) before borrowing a private loan.

We are providing you a current and comprehensive list with parameters of all private loan lenders commonly used and chosen by our student population within the past three years. Our intention in providing you this information is to assist students and parents in navigating the complex student loan industry. Links to these private loan lenders’ web pages are provided in alphabetical order below to give you some insight to each of their specific benefits, eligibility requirements*, terms and conditions (as they are subject to change), and disclosure information. There are many private loan lenders; borrowers may use this list as a tool to help choose a lender. You have a right to choose any private loan lender. If you wish to choose a lender not on this list, please provide the lender information to

Applicants must complete and submit a separate online loan application with the selected private loan lender to apply for preapproval and initiate the loan process. These non-federal loans are administered by lending institutions (bank or credit unions) and are based on credit worthiness. Interest rates and fees will vary depending on your credit score and the usage of a co-signer. Co-signers can be used to either reduce the interest rate or help obtain the loan due to credit problems. It is your responsibility to contact the private loan lender and research their interest rate options, terms and benefits offered and eligibility requirements.* Be prepared to wait a minimum of thirty days to receive a private loan. The private loan lender will communicate with you via email or mail requesting multiple documents and guiding you through their application process. Be aware of additional information needed by the private loan lender as it could affect how quickly you (the borrower) receive these private loan funds.

*Eligibility requirements may include, but are not limited to, attending at least half-time, making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), being currently enrolled, becoming a member, etc. It is in your best interest to check the private loan lender's website for specific requirements BEFORE applying with the lender. If the private loan lender's requirements are not met, the school will not certify the approved private loan.

The University of Tulsa does not receive any monetary or material benefit for recommending these lenders.

66 FCU – Student Choice Loan

Anheuser-Busch Employees' Credit Union - Student Choice Loan

Arkansas FCU-Student Choice Loan

Bank of North Dakota (BND)

Baxter Credit Union - Student Choice Loan

cuStudentLoans - cuScholar Private Student Loan

Commerce Bank - Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan 


Oklahoma Central Credit Union - Student Choice Loan

PNC Solution Loan

Sallie Mae

Stillwater National Bank – Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan

Sun Trust-Custom Choice Loan

Wells Fargo

Wright-Patt Credit Union - Student Choice Loan

Private Loan Repayment Information

Refer to your Master Promissory Note or Final Disclosure Form from your private loan lender for specific details regarding terms and conditions or you may directly contact them. You may also contact Student Financial Services for general information or questions.