Special Circumstances

Summer Course Work - Summer credits earned either at TU or transferable from another institution into the student's program may be used to meet the credit-hours earned requirement.  Grades do not transfer.  Students are allowed to enroll at TU for summer courses to make up their deficiency.

Transfer Students - Financial aid satisfactory academic progress requirements for students transferring into TU will be based on all credits accepted into their program.

Study Abroad Information - Enrollment in a Study Abroad program, approved for credit by TU, will have enrollment at TU for purposes of applying for federal financial aid.  TU will be considered the home school and will be responsible for processing federal financial aid.  Study abroad loans will be paid in two equal disbursements if the loan is requested for one specific semester and the second disbursement will credit the student's account in the Bursar's Office at the calendar midpoint of the program.  Please note, if you will be applying for Tuition Benefit, only one term of a Study Abroad program is covered by Tuition Benefit.  Please contact the Office of Student Financial Services to inquire about the paperwork required to apply for federal financial aid for Study Abroad and to learn how it will affect your federal financial aid for the next semester when you return to TU.  Your future financial aid cannot be released until the grades from your Study Abroad program are received and posted to your student transcript by TU.