Satisfactory Academic Progress Evaluation

Satisfactory Academic Progress is evaluated at the conclusion of each academic semester after grades have been posted.  All attempted hours, transfer hours and courses dropped within the first 3 weeks of the semester are counted during this evaluation.

  • Good Standing  - students that are enrolled in an eligible program, in compliance with satisfactory academic progress, and receiving federal aid.
  • Financial Aid Warning - is given to students for one semester who do not initially meet both requirements I and II of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP).  This is a warning status and financial aid eligibility and payment of funds will be continued throughout the warning period.  Note:  a warning is not given to students regarding maximum time frame.  It is the student's responsibility to know how many hours they have attempted and where they stand.  Students that have been placed on Financial Aid Warning may be removed from that status and return to Good Standing by meeting the completion rate and/or cumulative grade point average requirements as set forth in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy by the end of the Financial Aid Warning term.
  • Financial Aid Suspension - will be required for students who fail to meet either requirement I and II at the conclusion of their Financial Aid Warning semester.  Students cannot receive funds from the federal aid programs listed above while suspended. The Financial Aid Officer will determine if the Financial Aid Suspension can be appealed.
  • Financial Aid Probation - is assigned to students who were on Financial Aid Suspension, appealed and have received an appeal approval.  The status of Probation is given for the next period of enrollment for one final opportunity to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress.  Federal financial aid is reinstated on a probationary status for one payment period only, after the appeal is approved.  The student will receive an approval letter along with a list of conditions that must be performed for reinstatement of federal financial aid for the upcoming semester.  Students are placed on Financial Aid Probation only once during their academic career at The University of Tulsa.  The student must comply with the completion and grade point average requirements by the end of the semester.  After grades for the semester are posted to the student academic transcript, the Student Financial Services Office will review the academic performance of the student to determine if the satisfactory academic progress requirements are met.  If the student meets the SAP requirements at the completion of the semester, federal financial aid is continued for future semesters.  If the student cannot mathematically achieve SAP standards in one payment period, an academic plan will be required.
  • Financial Aid Academic Plan - is the status assigned to students who were on Financial Aid Suspension, appealed and have received an appeal approval, however, the student cannot achieve SAP standards within one payment period.  Students in this category must follow an individually designed Academic Plan developed by their Academic Advisor to ensure achievement of satisfactory academic progress standards over an assigned period of time.  Students remain eligible for federal aid as long as the conditions of the Academic Plan are met.
  • Rules are applied uniformly to all students whether or not aid has been received previously.


*Please note:  Financial Aid Warning, Probation and Suspension are separate from Academic Probation and Suspension.