Policies and Procedures for Work Study

The Federal Work-Study Procedure for Securing a Campus Job 

  1. You receive an award letter from Student Financial Services indicating how much money you can earn. Work-study eligibility can also be viewed on WebAdvisor. Your supervisor will want to confirm your eligibility for work-study by viewing your aid on WebAdvisor or by looking at your award letter.
  2. To view job postings Click Here. The job list will be updated daily.
  3. You contact the department for an interview and to complete employment paperwork. You cannot begin work until all Payroll and Student Financial Services paperwork is completed. The supervisor will have the required paperwork for the Office of Student Financial Services.

What is Federal Work-Study?
Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a program funded with federal dollars and matched with funds provided by the University. It is an aid program designed to offer part-time employment to students so earnings are available to help meet educational expenses.

Student Eligibility Requirements

You must have financial need to be eligible to participate in the FWS program. Need is determined by the Office of Student Financial Services based on the results of the student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students who qualify for the FWS program will be sent an award letter indicating the amount of money they are eligible to earn.


  • You must work to earn the money they are eligible to receive.
  • You are not paid to study .
  • You are only eligible to work in one department.

Student Wages

Students are paid FWS wages on an hourly basis only and will be paid bi-weekly. Payday dates are listed at www.utulsa.edu/personnel/payroll

Time Sheets

Due to federal regulations, you cannot be paid to work during your scheduled classes. Therefore, if your class is canceled on a particular day and you work during the scheduled class time, the instructor will need to provide a note stating the class was canceled on that date. This note will need to be attached to the timesheet.

Payroll’s Required Documentation

Students, who have not previously worked at TU, must also complete an I-9 and W-4 form. These forms must be on file with the Payroll department, Personnel Services, Twin Towers, before students begin work. Forms may be obtained at www.utulsa.edu/personnel/payroll. FWS earnings are taxable and will be reported to the federal government as such. Students complete Direct Deposit to a bank/credit union account.  Instructions and enrollment forms are located at http://www.utulsa.edu/personnel/payroll.

Determining How Many Hours to Work

You can determine the average number of hours to work per week by dividing the amount they are eligible to earn by the hourly rate of pay and then dividing by 15 weeks for the semester. For example, an award of $1600 per semester with a rate of pay of $7.25 would be $1600 divided by $7.25 = $220.68 divided by 15 weeks = 14 hours per week.

Community Service Requirement

The university is required to spend at least 7% of its FWS funding on community service positions. The Office of University and Community Service places students off campus in community service positions. Please consider working in these positions for us to keep our funding and more importantly to help the community.